Hail Insurance For Auto Body Shops

Hands holding large hailstones with the Second Western Insurance Services logo in the corner. Text reads: 'Hail Insurance for Auto Body Shops.'

Hector owns a busy auto body shop in Los Angeles County, a place known for its sunny weather and occasional unpredictable storms. One afternoon, without warning, a severe hailstorm hit the area. The hailstones were large and relentless, causing extensive damage to the vehicles parked outside and even denting the roof of Hector’s shop. As…

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Can My Auto Body Shops Insure The Equipment Against Breakdown?

A worker polishing a car with a power tool in an auto body shop, with the Second Western Insurance Services logo displayed in the bottom right corner.

Imagine your top-of-the-line paint mixer suddenly grinds to a halt. Without equipment breakdown insurance, this could be an auto body shop owner’s worst nightmare. Auto body shops thrive on the ability of their specialized equipment to perform flawlessly day in and day out, a lifeline for their business. Understanding equipment breakdown insurance becomes critical when…

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What Does Auto Body Shop Insurance Coverage Include?

A worker in an auto body shop using a sander on a car hood, with the Second Western Insurance Services logo in the corner.

Running an auto repair shop involves more than just fixing cars; it’s about ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your customers while protecting your business from potential risks. With multiple vehicles coming in and out daily, accidents and unexpected incidents are inevitable. That’s where auto body shop insurance steps in. This essential coverage provides peace…

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